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Posted On: 20 Mar,2020 By:
Category: Stress

Day-to-Day Strategies during the COVID 19 Pandemic

All of us are being asked to stay at home to socially distance. In our active community, it can be difficult to spend a lot of time there. Worry, stress, anger, restlessness, or boredom may rise up. Below are some ideas to manage your feelings over the coming days and weeks: Eat well-balanced, wholesome meals. […]

Posted On: 14 Feb,2019 By:
Category: Depression

Depression Quiz: Are You Depressed?

  This depression quiz will help you figure out whether you’re depressed or not. Read the following questions and keep track of your yes and no responses.     1.    Are you having trouble concentrating? Y N 2.    Have you had trouble sleeping? Y N 3.    Are you feeling low in energy? Y N 4.    […]

Posted On: 29 Oct,2018 By:
Category: Couples, Relationships

Relationship Disconnect: The Plight of Cell Phones

  Over 80% percent of us have cell phones.  And we’re on them a lot. Some research completed last year found we spent over four hours a day on our phones texting, talking, responding to emails, and going on social media. Combine that with the amount of time we spend on other devices such as […]

Posted On: 21 Oct,2018 By:
Category: Couples, Relationships

Remembering to Laugh in Romantic Relationships

I’m planning a weekend workshop for couples right now. I’ve been looking at video clips of relationships trying to find ways to show the lighter side of the sometimes hard work in relationships.

Posted On: 15 Oct,2018 By:
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EMDR in Couples Therapy

EMDR or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is something that can be really helpful in couple’s therapy. It can really help us to be able to resolve our feelings about our current relationship as well as deal with past issues that may be plaguing us both. Curious how?

Posted On: 30 Sep,2018 By:
Category: Abuse, Addiction, Anxiety/Worry, Bullying, Depression, EMDR, Grief, Sleep, Stress, Trauma

What Can EMDR Do For You?

  I don’t know if you’ve heard of EMDR or not. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It’s an amazing kind of therapy developed by Francine Shapiro to help people through traumas big and small.

Posted On: 23 Sep,2018 By:
Category: Marijuana

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization: Medical Marijuana Research

  Marijuana will become legal in Canada on October 17th this year. While many recreational users are celebrating, it’s legalization also paves the way for more medical marijuana research.

Posted On: 16 Sep,2018 By:
Category: Relationships

Couple’s Counselling Solo

You may be asking, “How the heck can someone go to couple’s counselling alone? That doesn’t make sense.” But think about it. There are a number of reasons you may want to go talk with a psychologist alone.

Posted On: 13 Aug,2018 By:
Category: Making Meaning

Millennials, Meaning, and Purpose

  Meaning and purpose are really important to lots of millennials. What is the purpose of our lives? What is the meaning of climate change, environmental degradation, the various conflicts in different parts of the world, and the rising inequality amongst people here? These questions can lead to intense feelings of anxiety and sadness.   […]

Posted On: 31 Jul,2018 By:
Category: Goals and Change

Clinical Hypnosis: A Useful Tool

The idea of clinical hypnosis can seem pretty scary. You might imagine being made to cluck like a chicken, or being completely under someone else’s control. Who wants that?