Couples Retreat

Why go to a couples retreat?

We’re all really busy these days. Sometimes without us really even being aware of it, we can drift apart. A couple’s retreat can be a really good way to find some connection again, to spend some concentrated time really focusing on what’s important to both of you.

A couple’s retreat can give you the time to work on what you really want, to think about what you’ve already been doing that’s working even a little bit, and what each of you might do differently to make things better.

A couple’s counseling retreat may benefit you if…

  • You want to change the way you communicate.
  • You want to reconnect emotionally and/or physically.
  • You’re feeling stuck.
  • You want to change the way you argue.
  • You want to move past an affair.
  • You want to work out disagreements over work, parenting, family, friends, values, etc..
  • Your relationship is at a crossroads.
  • You want to address something major that’s happened to one or both of you.
  • You want to explore the path to separation or divorce so that you can settle things amicably.