Couples Retreat

Couples Weekend Workshop

Why go to the Perfect Pairings Couples Workshop?

Do you want to ignite your relationship? Strengthen your friendship? Connect more deeply and passionately? The Perfect Pairings Couples Workshop will introduce you to tools to make your relationship the best it can be. Do you want to grow commitment and trust by learning tools to talk through the mountains and the molehills respectfully and calmly? Join this workshop today!

During the weekend, you’ll learn what the research says about what helps couples stay together and what makes it a lot harder. You’ll learn ways to get through major transitions in your relationship such as committing to one another, buying a home, having a baby, moving, changing careers, or retiring. Learn how to talk through differences such as spending, priorities, housework, and sex. You’ll also learn how to maintain and strengthen the connection between you. Join Perfect Pairings for a great weekend together!


A private couple’s counselling retreat may be a better option when…

  • You want the privacy and the support for working things out.
  • You want to change the way you communicate.
  • You want to reconnect emotionally and/or physically.
  • You’re feeling stuck.
  • You want to change the way you argue.
  • You want to move past an affair.
  • You want to start addressing your or your partner’s addiction together.
  • You want to work out disagreements over work, parenting, family, friends, values, etc..
  • Your relationship is at a crossroads.
  • You want to address something major that’s happened to one or both of you.
  • You want to explore the path to separation or divorce so that you can settle things amicably.