EMDR in Couples Therapy


EMDR in Couples therapy

EMDR or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is something that can be really helpful in couple’s therapy. It can really help us to be able to resolve our feelings about our current relationship as well as deal with past issues that may be plaguing us both. Curious how?

Negative beliefs

Throughout our lives our experiences can contribute to developing negative beliefs about ourselves. These negative beliefs might include:


·      I am unlovable.
·      I’m not worthy.
·      I’m not good enough.
·      I don’t belong.
·      I am ugly.
·      I am powerless.
·      I can’t be trusted.
·      I can’t trust anyone.
·      I’m a failure.


These beliefs in turn can consciously or unconsciously affect the way we deal with others, including our partner. And not only can those negative beliefs influence how much of an impact an interaction has on us, they can also confirm for us the apparent truth of those beliefs.

Perpetual issues

All couples tend to have perpetual issues, things we argue about over and over again. Unfortunately, however, they can wear both of us down. EMDR helps take the heavy weight off our shoulders by changing our negative beliefs to positive ones and takes away the power or bite that past memories or events can have.

A better future

EMDR can also help us visualize a better future together. It can help us clear away any fears or doubts we may have about the future. It can help us move past stresses and worries by helping us resolve them.

Resolve earliest and worst memories

In addition, EMDR can help us resolve the impact of earlier times in our lives when we first developed those negative beliefs. It helps us resolve both the earliest and the worst times in our lives when we believed something bad about ourselves.

Once those negative beliefs are cleared away, learning tools to communicate will be that much easier.

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