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An Avalanche Death: Stress and other Factors

A close friend recounted a horrible event to me recently. He once was alpine touring with a group of five. The longest skiing connection amongst the group was 30 years and the shortest was 2. Everyone was an experienced skier. Each knew how to dig a snow pit and analyze the conditions. All knew how […]

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Avalanche Burnout

What an amazing life! Winter mountain guides have an amazing job. You take people skiing on amazing, often untracked terrain, lead adrenalin junkies up ice falls, and get to spend all day outside. Oh the life!

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Avalanche Rescue: The Impact of Natural Disasters

Last week I made a presentation at the Canadian Avalanche Association’s Annual Conference on the potential psychological impact of avalanches on rescuers and offered ideas on what kinds of services rescue operations should have in place to support staff.