Remembering to Laugh in Romantic Relationships


I’m planning a weekend workshop for couples right now. I’ve been looking at video clips of relationships trying to find ways to show the lighter side of the sometimes hard work in relationships.


Negotiating and Discussing


When we live together, we have to make some adjustments and do some negotiating. Which way is the “right” way to put the toilet paper on the dispenser? Is it alright to leave dishes in the sink? How do you decide who sleeps on what side of the bed? These things can become things we fight about. Watch this clip to learn more!


As we get used to each other, we can do things that bug the other person. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s, well just annoying! Watch this clip about weird ways we annoy each other.


We bring our pasts into our relationships when we fight. The way we were raised, how we saw or didn’t see our parents argue, how we worked things out in previous relationships, and whether we want to confront or flee from conflict affect what we do. Watch this clip on passive aggressive ways you shouldn’t use with your partner.


In sickness and in health…


We also often have different ways to deal with things like sickness. Some people want to be doted upon, others want to be left alone. Some stay in bed all day, others go to work until they’re on their death beds. What’s the right way? You decide in this video.


Date Nights


Date nights are something that are really important, especially when you’re in a long-term relationship.  But what makes a good date? It doesn’t have to go from boring to downright dangerous like in the movie, Date Night. It does, however, take some planning, but perhaps not quite the kind this couple does…


Remember to laugh…


Obviously, not everything about relationships is a chuckle. Sometimes it’s just hard work. Remembering to laugh though can really help you get through the good times and the bad.