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Making Appointments Easier: Booking Online Counselling and Coaching

New things are happening at Focused Solutions Counselling & Coaching!! I want to make it easier for you to arrange a time to meet. I’m now offering an online calendar to book your appointments 24/7. No more phone tag or e-mail catch up!! When you want to book a time, simply go to, and […]

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Psychologist as Hostess: Welcoming the people I work with

Privacy: When I opened my private practice, my vision was and is, to make it a warm, welcoming, safe, and comfortable place. That begins with people knowing that the space is private. There are 2 ways to enter and exit the building so people don’t have to worry about running into anyone they know. I […]

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So you’ve decided to see a psychologist

You’ve made your decision to be or not to be in therapy. Now you may have some other ideas to consider. Would you like to talk with a man or woman? What experience does the therapist have? What does s/he charge? What does a typical meeting look like? What about confidentiality?

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To Be or Not to Be in Therapy with a Psychologist

How do you make your decision? You’re thinking about whether or not therapy would be right for you. Some people think they have to be really messed up before they consider it. Others think it will be way too expensive. Still others wonder whether it will really be worth their time. Will therapy really make […]