Depression Quiz: Are You Depressed?


Depression Quiz


This depression quiz will help you figure out whether you’re depressed or not. Read the following questions and keep track of your yes and no responses.



1.    Are you having trouble concentrating? Y N
2.    Have you had trouble sleeping? Y N
3.    Are you feeling low in energy? Y N
4.    Are you feeling like eating more each day and have gained weight? Y N
5.    Are you finding it hard to think or remember things? Y N
6.    Are you feeling sad or down most of the time or all of the time? Y N
7.    Are you feeling like you have no appetite each day and have lost weight? Y N
8.    Have you been feeling guilty or worthless nearly every day? Y N
9.    Are you feeling like being alone more than usual? Y N
10. Have you been thinking about death? Y N
11. Have you lost interest in things you usually enjoy? Y N
12. Are you feeling flat or that nothing is enjoyable? Y N
13. Have you felt like sleeping way more than usual and had a hard time getting up? Y N
14. Are you feeling like you have a big weight on your shoulders? Y N




Count how many of the questions you answered yes. How many of these yes responses have you experienced for at least the last two weeks? Did you answer yes to either one or both * questions?


If you answered yes to 5 or more of the questions, including either one or both question 6 and question 11, you meet the criteria for a major depressive order. If you do meet the criteria, book an appointment with a Psychologist to talk about strategies to feel better. Research has found that talk therapy is the most helpful treatment for depression. Medication alone is generally not helpful in the long run.