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Managing Stress Through Technological Hell

Recently I went through another lesson in managing stress with technological issues. It all began on a day when I was writing up receipts for clients. I had just gotten started when my accounting program shut down. After re-opening it three or four times, it no longer would start.

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What Helps with Stress from Computers

Stress from Computers Stress from computers can be a unique kind of stress. On Sunday night I got a message on my computer

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The Power of Silence

I once was on an overnight backpacking trip at a beautiful mountain lake with a couple of friends. The mosquitoes were bad—really bad—and we didn’t have any bug spray. We spent some time in our tents but quickly grew restless because it was so beautiful and sunny outside.

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How to Sleep Better

  Last week I talked about 5 steps to sleeping better. This week I’m going to add onto these steps with some common sense ideas that we can forget during our busy day-to-day lives.

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The Amazing Power of Animals

I’ve always loved animals.  I’ve had dogs for most of my life and enjoy their unconditional love and affection. My dog has always greeted me at my door tail wagging excitedly no matter what kind of a day I’ve had.

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Having Fun Yet? Getting Rid of Stress

The other night I went to a dinner and dance that was a blast! It was a fundraiser. You’re probably thinking, a fundraiser that was fun? This woman’s really exciting. I can hear the sarcasm dripping off that remark!

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Stress Be Gone

I got this e-mail message the other day that I thought was brilliant:   A lecturer when explaining stress management to an audience, Raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water?”

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8 Benefits of Relaxation: Good Stress Management

Here’s a list of reasons why relaxation is so important. As a psychologist and life coach, I still need to remind myself of its value. Not because I don’t inherently know it, but because although it’s something I aim to do daily, it can sometimes seem like a million-and-one other things need to get done […]

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Is Anxiety the Elephant in Your Room?

I’m working with a lot of people these days who are being influenced by worry, anxiety, or panic. Some know exactly what’s worrying them. For others, it seems like a mystery. All they know is that the feeling suddenly hits like a ton of bricks and it can be quite debilitating, let alone frightening. What […]