The Power of Silence


Peaceful lake in the mountains

I once was on an overnight backpacking trip at a beautiful mountain lake with a couple of friends. The mosquitoes were bad—really bad—and we didn’t have any bug spray. We spent some time in our tents but quickly grew restless because it was so beautiful and sunny outside.


We hiked up to a pass where a breeze kept the bugs at bay. I ventured up a ridge at the top of the pass to get a lay of the land. I was able to find a boulder to protect me from the wind and looked out.


It was beautiful. A gentle breeze swayed the tips of the trees back and forth and made the leaves dance. A blue-green pond was off to my left surrounded by moss- covered rocks. The ridge across from me had a maze of mountain goat trails. I couldn’t hear a sound except the breeze now and then. I enjoyed the wind kissing my face.


I sat there for over an hour enjoying being there. I was completely living in the moment, feeling incredibly peaceful being in a place that was so quiet. It was so powerful!! I felt at one with nature, at one with the universe.  I sat leaning against the boulder and appreciated the power of silence.


An experience like that naturally produces a quiet mind.  Throughout the years since I have often used that experience to calm my mind when I was busy or stressed. I take a few moments to visualize that place, to remember how peaceful it was, and how it made me feel. I’m amazed how quickly it helps relax me.


How about you? What do you do to calm your mind? Have you ever listened to the silence around you to create silence within you? How might you create silence in your life? In what ways do you think it would be helpful?


I’d love to hear your comments!!