To Be or Not to Be in Therapy with a Psychologist


Making a decisionHow do you make your decision? You’re thinking about whether or not therapy would be right for you. Some people think they have to be really messed up before they consider it. Others think it will be way too expensive. Still others wonder whether it will really be worth their time. Will therapy really make a difference?

The stiff upper lip: Are you or do you know people who think only weak people go to counselling, that you should be able to just “keep a stiff upper lip” and get on with your life? Is that working? Let me ask you, do you do this with your physical health?

Is this just a blip? There are obviously times when it’s not necessary to go to a doctor or a psychologist because you know you’re going to feel better soon–when you know that what’s happening in your life is a little blip and you’ll get over it.

Is this one of those times?

If so, then talking it out with friends or family may be all you need. Maybe sitting down and coming up with a plan that you can and will act on is what will make a difference. You’ll never know unless you try.

Or are things still not getting better despite trying? Are things still not the way you want them to be? Are you sad about it, keep trying to fix it, or are you trying your best not to think about it? Have things gotten better for a time and then seemed to slide? Are you still feeling like you want and need things to be better?

You want to move past this, and get on with living the life you want and deserve, right?

Phone & on-line counselling: Technology has helped many people make the decision to go to therapy. Now people who live in remote areas, foreign countries, are disabled, don’t have the time, or don’t have the ability for whatever reason to physically go see a therapist can meet with one over the phone or online. There are many psychologists and other counsellors offering this service.

Cost is certainly something to think about these days. There are free community counselling services in some communities, free or low cost family support services, counsellors with varying levels of education that offer counselling at different prices, and counsellors that use different approaches that take more or less time to be effective. Solution focused brief therapy, brief therapy, and narrative therapy are three models that more and more people, employee assistance programs, and managed care companies are accessing because they can make a difference in people’s lives in a relatively short period of time.

To be or not to be in therapy is worth considering.

I’d be happy to talk it over with you so you can make a decision that’s good for you. You can reach me at