Mental Health Awareness: It Begins with You


Mental Health AwarenessMental Health awareness is growing every decade. The stigma surrounding mental health issues has been lessening but still has a long way to go. Campaigns such as Bell Canada’s Let’s talk really help in raising awareness.


Why mental health awareness?


More and more people are recognizing that they are suffering from troubles such as depression and anxiety, or that people they know are.


Raising our own awareness about it can help us do a few things. One, it helps make it okay to reach out for help, whether that be by talking with people we know and trust, or speaking with a helping professional. Talking makes a big difference! Getting help from a professional can help us learn new tools to move forward with our lives. Talking with someone who can support us can help us recognize we’re not alone.


Two, becoming more aware of mental health/illness in general helps us become more empathetic with people who may be troubled by concerns such as depression, anxiety, or social anxiety. It may help us to reach out to people who we think may need our support. What a difference it can make to offer a helping hand!


Third, awareness can also help us learn what is being offered through our workplace, our community, our province, and our nation.


Tools and Resources


Clara Hughes, Howie Mandel, and other well-known Canadians are helping to spread the word through the Bell Let’s Talk initiative. On the campaign website, there are links to tools and resources to get people talking amongst themselves, at work, and in schools.


The Canadian Association Mental Health Association offers tools and resources for workplace awareness and initiatives as well as general information regarding mental health and disorders.


The Not Myself Today campaign supports mental health awareness in the workplace by offering  resources and a toolkit.


Alberta Health offers information on a variety of mental health concerns.


There’s Help Out There


Perhaps the biggest benefit to becoming more aware of mental health and mental illness is recognizing you’re not alone and that there are many resources out there. Whether you’re seeking information online, reading books, talking with friends, family, co-workers, or helping professionals, there is help out there. Reach out when you need it. Reach out when you think someone else may need it. What a difference it can make in your life and other people’s.