Using Relaxation and Visualization to Reach your Goals


Woman with eyes closedWant to get in the right head space to reach your goals? Being relaxed before you think about your goals puts you there. Ever heard of progressive relaxation?

Progressive Relaxation

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Take a few deep breaths to slow down. Start with your toes on one foot. Breathe relaxation into them. Breathe in relaxation and out tension. When they feel relaxed, move up your foot to the ball of your foot on the bottom and the area on the top. Breathe in relaxation and out tension. Move to the arch of your foot as well as the top of your foot. Again, breathe in relaxation and out tension. Move to your heel and ankle area. Breathe in tension and out relaxation.

When your foot is relaxed, move up to your calf and feel the tension leave your calf as you breathe in and out. Move to your shin and do the same thing. Move up to your knee. If it helps, imagine slowly stroking your knee to fully relax it. Move up to your thigh and feel how relaxed it feels as the tension fully leaves it. Now focus on your quad. Breathe in relaxation and out tension. Breathe in relaxation and out tension in your bum cheek.

Repeat this with the other foot, leg, and bum cheek.

Focus on your back. Consciously breathe out any tension it’s holding. Stay here for a moment to ensure your back is nice and relaxed. Move up to your shoulders and do the same thing. Move down one arm. Breathe in relaxation to your bicep and tricep, and eventually to your forearm. Breathe in relaxation through the palm and top of your hand and move on to your fingers. Feel the tension leaving as you continue to breathe.

Repeat this with the other arm and hand.

Now focus on your pelvic area. Breathe in relaxation and out tension. Move up to your belly. Feel how relaxed you feel as you breathe in. Caress your belly with your imagination. Move up to your chest. Again caress your chest with your imagination as you breathe in relaxation and out tension.

Move up to your neck. Feel your breath slowly go in and out of your neck. Move to your face. Caress your lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead with your thoughts. Feel your mouth drop open as the tension leaves. Move up to your scalp and do the same thing.

Sit for a moment and enjoy. Do a scan of your body and breathe out any tension that may still be lingering.


Now that you’re feeling really relaxed, you can visualize a juicy, awesome and vivid goal. Here’s an opportunity to use your imagination to its fullest–almost as if you’re viewing your life at an Imax movie theatre!

Suppose life was going exactly the way you wanted it to–you had reached your goals–what would be happening? What would you be doing? Imagine you see it up on your Imax screen. What would you see? What would you hear? What would you be feeling inside? Who else would notice your life was different? What would they say?

Take the time to imagine as many details as you can.

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