Six Easy Steps to Living Your Dream! Creating Goals Easily


Smiling person1. The dream: Suppose when you go to sleep tonight, you have a dream. Not just any old, run of the mill dream or some totally weird nonsense that leaves you shaking your head in disbelief. This dream seems really real—vivid and rich. It’s a dream of life—of your life—going exactly the way you want it to. In fact, it’s so clear it’s like you’re seeing it on a movie screen with sound surround. Better yet, you’re seeing it on an Imax screen and it’s so real you can see all the colours vividly, the textures, the space. Spend a moment looking around.

What do you see?

Imagine now all of your senses have come alive. You hear everything, can smell the richness of your life well lived, can touch everything around you. You’re with the people you care about most and they’re cheering you on, telling you how proud they are of all that you’ve accomplished. Soak it all in…

2. Suppose you wake up tomorrow and discover that the dream has really happened. What would you notice was different in your life? What would you be doing? Think about what you do with your day—from the time you wake up—until you go to bed. What’s everything that’s happening that’s going exactly the way you want it to? Be as detailed as you can.

3. What would the people that know you notice was different? What would they see you doing? How would they know that you were living life exactly the way you want to? How would they know you were living your dream? Be as detailed as you can.

4. How important is this dream or goal? On a scale of 0-10, if 10 is, this dream is so important you’re consumed by it, and 0 is the opposite, how important is it to you that you make this dream a reality? Be honest. Is this goal really something that has to happen, or would it just be nice?

5. Where are you now? On a scale of 0-10, if 0 is the dream has happened, you’re living life exactly the way you want to, and 0 is the opposite, where are you now? What are you doing that puts you there?

6. What’s one small step you could take? What’s something you could see happening over the next week or two that would be a sign that you were moving towards your dream? What is something you could see yourself reasonably doing that would put you up a notch? Think small.

Living life the way you want to can happen. Dream big and take a step! See what happens! Creating goals can be that simple!