Living Slow: Living in the Moment


Fall in the mountains

Every fall I feel my body wanting to slow down. As the weather gets colder and the daytime is shorter, like a bear, I am tempted to hibernate. I love getting in comfy clothes, sitting in front of the fire or under cozy blankets and reading. The energy I felt during the summer months dissipates and I enjoy living slow.


It’s not that I’m an utter slug in fall and winter. I enjoy doing things outdoors under the bright blue sky–whether it’s skiing, walking, or just enjoying the scenery.

Of course I continue to work and do the things I have to to live and take care of my family like grocery shop, do errands, and spend time with family and friends. But I’m not inclined to do them as long into the wee hours of the night, to strive to multi-task, or to do them at a fast pace.

The slow movement

It’s gotten me thinking about the slow movement that seems to be growing. People are beginning to enjoy eating slowly and mindfully, sitting with friends or family enjoying an evening dining. There’s also a trend to get away from fast food and prepare whole food meals, to plant a vegetable garden, or to eat organic.

Creating connections

There’s many people who are choosing to live in places that have a real sense of community where people know each other by name and stop to chat with one another. More people are searching for a sense of meaning and purpose in community and are looking for ways to contribute and connect.

Living simply

There are people who are choosing to downsize their homes, their cars, and to get away from rampant consumerism in search of something much more meaningful—connection with the people in their lives and the place they live. They are choosing to live mindfully and to really be in the moment.

How about you?

Have you thought about slowing down life? Is it something you do in the fall and winter, or does life seem to be going at a break necking pace year round? Are you rushing to get to work, feeling pressured throughout the day, rushing to the gym, rushing home to cook dinner or to go out with friends? Does it seem that things never slow down?

If you could slow down life…

What would you do? Suppose you intentionally chose to downshift a notch or two, what would you do? Where would you want to live? Where you are now? What would you do to create a sense of home, of comfort, and of place? What would you do to connect with the people in your life, your work, or your community? What would you do to connect with your body and your soul?

What difference do you think this would make in how you spent your day or in your quality of life?

Suppose you could do one small thing today, what would you do?

I’d welcome your thoughts!!