Career Finding


Choosing the right career can seem daunting. Sometimes you may think you’re on the right track but change your mind once you get started. It can be stressful figuring it out!




Jamie thought she knew what she wanted to do. She signed up for and started an interior design course but quickly decided it wasn’t for her. Next she tried to become a dental hygienist. That didn’t pan out either. She tried two other options but got discouraged each time and quit. Consequently she had a lot of debt and no career.


Finish What You Start


Finish what you start. Even if it ultimately isn’t what you want to do, there are some benefits. First, it feels good to complete something. Second, it often helps point us in another direction. And third, it looks good to potential employers that you see things through.


Career Finding


A good way to start your career search is to do a personality assessment. It can help point you in a better direction.


Suppose you have some ideas of careers you might like. Another good step in your career search is to plan some informational interviews of people working in those careers. Ask questions like:


·      What do you like about your work?

·      What don’t you like?

·      What does a typical work day look like?

·      How easy is it to get jobs in that field?

·      Has the career been everything you thought it would be?

·      What are some things you didn’t know about your career before you started working?

·      Did training adequately prepare you for the job?


The right career can take time to find but it’s time well spent. A counsellor can help you figure out steps to take. After all, finding a career that fits who you are can help you live the kind of life that’s right for you.