Using Your Heroes in Life


Be Your Own Hero
Using your heroes in life may sound pretty weird. But we all have heroes-in real life, on TV on the internet, in books, or in history. They’re people whose characteristics we really like. What is it that you admire about them? What do they do that you could emulate?


My heroes

One of my heroes is a woman named Conni who is my surrogate mother, sister, and friend. She has the amazing capacity to make me feel like I can do anything when I’m with her. She’s supportive, genuinely interested in what I have to say, emphasizes my strengths, is adventurous, intelligent, and is so much fun to be with! My son asked me recently, “Mom how can one person have so much nice in her body?” That’s just Conni!


Another hero may make you laugh. It’s Catherine Janeway from Star Trek Voyager. She’s a no-nonsense woman: strong willed, decisive, compassionate, intelligent, hard-working and generous. She inspires confidence and loyalty.


Who are you heroes?

Danielle Laporte shared an exercise in her Fire Starter Sessions book about heroes. She suggested thinking of 8 heroes and describing the characteristics you like about them. They could be famous or not, real or not, or alive or not.


Now narrow that list down by choosing your top five heroes. List at least four characteristics you admire for each person. This could include things they’ve accomplished or qualities they embody.


As you look at this list, what patterns do you see? Are there certain qualities that really stand out for you? What do you think is really important?


What makes this important?

Once you’ve figured out what characteristics you find so admirable, ask yourself, which of those qualities do you possess? What would you like to do in your life that would emulate what you so admire in your heroes?


Mind mapping at its best

Find a picture of each of your heroes. Put them on a bulletin board. Each time you look at it, remember the qualities you’d like to emulate in your life. What are you doing that makes you your own hero?