Top Three Reasons for a Couple’s Retreat



Couple's retreat conversation

The exact reasons people want to come to a couple’s retreat vary. But the top three reasons people come to my retreats are:  1) to improve communication, 2) to deal with infidelity, or 3) to deal with addiction.



Let’s face it. Most of us haven’t had good role models on how to work out conflicts. We may grow up with parents who don’t argue in front of us at all or who argue and don’t resolve anything. How are we supposed to know then how to work things out in our own relationships?


How do we negotiate things like togetherness and separateness, whether we have kids or not, how we discipline our kids, how we deal with stress, finances, or even intimacy? How do we deal with a partner who won’t talk about problems, or one who talks too much about them?! How are we supposed to work things out when we have totally different ways of arguing?


In my retreats, we not only talk about things like this, I help people learn effective tools to resolve disagreements and feel closer.




Most of us think that if ever someone cheated on us, that would be the end of the relationship. But we learn it’s not that simple when we’ve built a life together and one person is unfaithful. How do we deal with the hurt feelings, the broken trust, and move forward? In my retreats, we talk about the fact that good people can act in ways they never thought they would. We talk about rebuilding trust and how to best do that. It’s not easy, but many couples can move forward and eventually feel even closer to one another.




Addiction is something that can feel like the elephant in the living room. How many times does it have to be talked about with nothing changing at all? It can seem like an enormous force that’s taken over a relationship. In my couple’s retreats we talk about addiction in a really respectful way to help couples get on the same page with creating change and addressing addiction.


A couple’s retreat can be a really good way to work on things in a concentrated manner or 2 or 3 days. Want to learn more? Let’s chat!