Making Habits Stick


Making Habits Stick

Making habits stick can be really tough. We’re coming up to that time of year when we make resolutions for the upcoming year. We think about our health, recreation, time with family and friends, financial and career goals. But following through with these goals so that they become real habits is taking things to another level.


Just how do you do that?


One of the first things you need to think about is why you want to make this new habit:


  • Are you doing it for you or someone else?
  • Do you really believe in it?
  • What purpose will it serve?
  • Is this a ‘should,’ a ‘want’ or a ‘really want’ in making this habit?
  • What difference is this habit going to make in your life?
  • How committed are you to make this a long-term habit?


Clarifying why you want to do something helps with buy-in. It means developing the determination to say no to immediate gratification. That’s hard in our society today because we are so encouraged to do whatever is going to immediately gratify us!


Your no exceptions policy


Committing to this new habit will help when the going gets tough to help you stick with it. It helps you develop a ‘no exceptions policy’ so that you practice this new habit no matter what! It helps you lock your jaw in absolute determination despite setbacks, crises, or stress.


A habit is like a cable: We weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.

Horace Mann


Be Specific


It’s really important to be specific regarding what you’re going to do to create and maintain this new habit. See my blog, New Year’s Resolutions that Last for more info on setting clear goals.


It’s also really important to regularly assess your progress. That will help you tweak some things—to figure out what’s working really well, and what you may need to change. Allowing flexibility into your plan promotes success!


Will they stick?


Making habits stick requires you to know exactly why it’s so important to you so that you can not only commit to sticking to them, but to create clear steps to make your new habits a success. Believe in yourself and get going!