Laughter Medicine 101


Spread your wings and fly

Laughter is life’s greatest natural medicine. It’s good for the soul, for the mind, and for the body. When we have a really good belly laugh, the world seems like a better place. Troubles that seemed daunting can seem a little more manageable, and we can breathe a little more easily. Laughter gives us energy and allows us to focus better. It’s also good medicine for the immune system, is a great way to move past stress, is a trigger for those feel-good chemicals, the endorphins, is good for the heart, and can even reduce pain.

Another really great thing about laughter is that it’s contagious. Good moods spread. Relationships can become stronger, teams can function better, and groups can bond. Humour and the laughter it produces can really help change our perspective on things and add some zest to our lives and our relationships.

Enjoy a good laugh today!!

(Thanks to V. Yalom for this cartoon.)