Goal Setting with the End in Mind


Goal setting

There are many ways to do some goal setting that can really work. I’ve written about some in the past. See Living Life to the Fullest: Creating your Ideal Life; 6 Easy Steps to Living your Dream, Passionate Goals for other ideas.


Beginning with the end in mind can be a really helpful way to get clear on what’s most important to you.


The Funeral

I want you to imagine that you’re at a funeral. Everyone you care about is there: family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. You see a casket at the front and walk over to look inside. Lying there is you.


You take a seat as the funeral begins. Four people get up to talk about you. What would they say? What would they say about your personality? How about your accomplishments? What would they remember most?



Let’s say a family member gets up first. What would s/he say about you? Who were you as a partner, mother, father, sibling, or extended family member? Were you patient, easy-to-anger, relaxed, or fun to be around? Did you make time to talk to family and spend time one-on-one or with a group of them? What would be some special moments s/he would remember?


Your Best Friend

Next your best friend gets up. What would s/he say you were like as a person? Were you dependable, flighty, loyal, or something else? How would s/he describe your character? What kind of friend were you?


A Colleague

A work colleague gets up next. What would s/he say you contributed to the workplace? What did you do that s/he’ll remember? Did you have a strong work ethic? Were you prompt, efficient, creative, laid back, or something else?


A Neighbour

Finally, a neighbour or community member gets up. What did you do that stood out for her or him?


Goal Setting

Beginning with the end in mind can help you figure out what values are an integral part of your goals. It will help you think about what kind of connections you want to build upon or develop. It will help you think about what’s most important for you to work towards. Have fun with it!