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Conquering Sleepless Nights

  Caffeine driven workdays Jamie works long hours. To get through the day, he has a constant cup of hot coffee going. He jokes he should just take it intravenously.

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Sex Talk: Communicating about Sex

Communicating about sex with your partner can be challenging. Considering some ways your comfort with sex talk has been influenced can be helpful.

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Food, Mood, and Exercise over the Holidays

  Food, mood, and exercise over the holidays are often not conscious or careful considerations. Let’s face it. During the holidays, we often over-indulge on food and drink. And we may spend more time doing that than getting enough exercise. But it’s the holiday right?

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Identified Straight Men Acting Gay

  What do I mean by identified straight men acting gay? More and more I’m seeing women in my practice who either have partners who have cheated on them with other men, or men who see themselves as straight who are having gay sex.   Men having sex with men (MSM) or Straight Men having Sex […]

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Growing through Difficulty

There is meaning hidden in the small changes of everyday life, and wisdom to be found in the shards of your most broken moments. Elizabeth Lesser   Broken Open There is a book entitled, Broken open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser that contains many pearls of wisdom about change, loss, […]

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In Honor of Resilience

Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open. – Rumi   Helen Rose Recently I read a book entitled, 53 Grove Rd by Helen Rose. It’s a short memoir written by a woman I know who lives in the Bow Valley. It chronicles […]

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Living Through a Disaster

This last week Canmore, Banff, Harvie Heights, Exshaw, Calgary, and a number of other communities experienced the worst flood any of us have ever experienced here. It was like a surreal dream to see the devastation unfold. Many of us were in disbelief as Cougar Creek ripped an ever-widening birth taking decks, hot tubs, and […]

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A Positive Relationship is Positively Amazing!

  The beginning of a romantic relationship is so amazing.  You walk on cloud nine. The world somehow seems brighter and everything you do has a glow around it. Even when problems do arise, you’re able to brush them off, minimize them, or feel confident that they’re going to get better. After all, you’re in […]

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Repairing a Relationship Argument

  A couple is sitting in a restaurant. They’re not talking often. They’re on their phones texting, looking out the window, picking at their food, and looking bored and unhappy. Let’s imagine that on the way to the restaurant, my imaginary couple, Jane and Devon, got in a minor argument. Jane complained that Devon was […]

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An Avalanche Death: Stress and other Factors

A close friend recounted a horrible event to me recently. He once was alpine touring with a group of five. The longest skiing connection amongst the group was 30 years and the shortest was 2. Everyone was an experienced skier. Each knew how to dig a snow pit and analyze the conditions. All knew how […]