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Speaking up about Workplace Bullying

I was working with someone who was being mobbed . One of the things that he really found helpful was to do some internet research. He found out he wasn’t the only one, how he was feeling was common, discovered some strategies, and appreciated reading about different forms of workplace bullying because it helped him […]

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It’s All In Your Head–No wait!–Your Gut…Or? Rethinking Depression

Serotonin and your gut I was having a conversation with a psychiatrist, Dr. Bud Rickhi, the other day. He told me serotonin is produced in your gut (95% of it anyways) and is transported to your brain via your blood vessels.

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Things to do while at a Couple’s Counselling Retreat in Banff

  You’ve decided you want to work some things out in your relationship. Maybe it’s time to address some issues that just don’t seem to be getting any better. Maybe you want to rekindle the passion you once had. You may have some clear ideas of what you want, or perhaps you’d like to figure […]

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Making Appointments Easier: Booking Online Counselling and Coaching

New things are happening at Focused Solutions Counselling & Coaching!! I want to make it easier for you to arrange a time to meet. I’m now offering an online calendar to book your appointments 24/7. No more phone tag or e-mail catch up!! When you want to book a time, simply go to, and […]

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Taking the Fun out of Bullying

Facts about bullying Bullying really hurts. Unfortunately, it’s really prevalent in our schools, playgrounds, community, and in the workplace. Did you know a famous study by Debra Pepler and others found that bullying happens every 7 minutes on the school grounds and every 25 minutes in the classroom? How about the US statistics that 1 in […]

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Pondering Health and Wellness: Anxiety, Depression, & Hormones

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about health and wellness and its relationship to moving past troubles–both emotional and physical. I’ve been thinking about ideas such as whether meaning, purpose, and belonging make a difference in helping people live the life they want; I’ve been thinking about the relationship between mental health and physical […]

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Violence Against Women: Responding to Abuse

There is a lot of information and support for people who are in abusive relationships. Traditional support seems to regard people who have experienced emotional abuse or physical abuse as somehow damaged, dysfunctional, and deficient. There is, however, a growing idea that people respond to abuse in a variety of ways, that they do things […]

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Building Confidence By Trying Your Best

The 2010 Winter Olympics have ended. I have to say I have never been so touched, proud, amazed, awed, excited, and patriotic. The athletes exemplify everything that can remind us of trying our best, of perservering when the odds are against you, of giving it all you have to make a difference–in your life–and in the life […]

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Change: Shift Happens!

Ideas about Change: The psychology and coaching fields have lots of ideas about change–what facilitates change, what maintains change, and whether change is even possible.

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Moving Past Sadness or Depression–II

For a couple of weeks I’ve been talking about sadness and depression. I.e. how you know if you’re sad or depressed, and imagining what your life will be like when sadness or depression are no longer a part of it. As you read last week’s post, you may have asked yourself, is this woman off her […]