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Ideas on What Works in Therapy

  The European Brief Therapy Association Conference in Malmo, Sweden finished today. It’s a professional development conference that happens in different places in Europe once a year. I attended it for the first time.

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Beating Procrastination: Creating Change Now

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up to yesterday.” ~Don Marquis Beating procrastination, creating new habits, or changing the way you do things is hard. It’s often said it takes 3 weeks of persistently doing something for it to become a habit.   How do you create change that’s going to last? For many, it’s […]

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Relationship Distance: Crossing the Oceans Apart

A relationship example… I was working with a couple. Let’s call them Marj and Jack. They had been married for 10 years and had three children. Marj made sure that everyone got to their day-to-day tasks, commitments, and activities. She also managed the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other domestic tasks. Jack loved to plan and […]

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Negotiating Relationships: Independence and Connection

Time together and apart Have you and your partner ever talked about how much time you should spend together or apart? How much time you should focus on the two of you, and how much time you should do things with friends, family members, or on your own? Is it something you think about, at […]

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Rebuilding your Relationship: Rediscovering Love and Connection

  You and your partner have worked all day long. You’re home now and tired. But there’s dinner to make, dishes to do, tidying, and laundry. If you have kids, there’s a whole lot more to the list-spending time with her/him/them, helping with homework, going to extra-curricular activities-possibly more than one if you have more […]

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8 Benefits of Relaxation: Good Stress Management

Here’s a list of reasons why relaxation is so important. As a psychologist and life coach, I still need to remind myself of its value. Not because I don’t inherently know it, but because although it’s something I aim to do daily, it can sometimes seem like a million-and-one other things need to get done […]

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Is Anxiety the Elephant in Your Room?

I’m working with a lot of people these days who are being influenced by worry, anxiety, or panic. Some know exactly what’s worrying them. For others, it seems like a mystery. All they know is that the feeling suddenly hits like a ton of bricks and it can be quite debilitating, let alone frightening. What […]

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Mindfulness through your Breath

Simple but not easy… I know when I first thought about mindfulness and meditation, I thought about Indian gurus spending their lives in caves in India practicing the art their entire lives. It seemed so unattainable!! But when I investigated further, I realized meditation, mindfulness, visualization, hypnosis-whatever you want to call it-is actually pretty simple. […]

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The Demise of Problems in Living: The Rise of Mental Disorders

Diagnosing someone with a mental disorder such as anxiety or depression requires ensuring the person meets a certain number of criteria of a particular disorder. The disorders and their criteria are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-4th edition, text revised (the DSM-IV-TR). There is growing concern that more and more disorders are being […]

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Worry or Anxiety Be Gone! Mindfulness Now

All of us worry sometimes. There are times though, when worry or anxiety can seem like it’s taking over your life. I often work with people who are troubled by worry or anxiety and collaborate with them to come up with solutions that are going to work for them.