Becoming Closer Friends: Marriage and Friendship


Maintaining Your Friendship

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In some ways it’s funny to think that we have to intentionally maintain a friendship with our partner. But the reality for many of us is that life can be really hectic! Between work, family, and home–let alone time for oneself–lies a myriad of responsibilities. It’s easy for us to forget to put much into our relationship amidst all that. Suppose you took some time each week to really talk about what’s going on in your partner’s life, what difference do you think it would it make?

An idea that may be helpful and enjoyable is to ask one another questions. Part of the fun is to try to answer these questions for your partner and then ask her or him if you got it right. They can be great conversation starters:

  • What is your partner’s favourite getaway place?
  • What would be the ideal job for your partner?
  • What makes your partner feel most competent?
  • Who is your partner’s favourite relative? Why?
  • What is one of your partner’s worries?
  • Who are two people your partner admires most in the world? Why?
  • If your partner could travel anywhere in the world, where would s/he travel?
  • What are some recent important events in your partner’s life?
  • What is something your partner definitely wants to do in her/his life that s/he has not yet fulfilled?
  • What is something your partner is really proud of?
  • What was your partner wearing when you first met?
  • What is your partner’s favourite colour?
  • What was one of your partner’s best childhood experiences?
  • What was your partner’s favourite vacation?
  • Who is your partner’s least favourite relative? Why?
  • What is your partner’s favourite food?
  • What was your partner’s most embarrassing moment?
  • What is one of your partner’s favourite desserts?
  • What foods does your partner hate?
  • Does your partner have a secret ambition? What is it?
  • What would be one of your partner’s favourite ways to spend an evening? How about a weekend?


Taking time to talk together about the little and big things about you and your partner can help strengthen the friendship in marriage or any close romantic relationship. What difference do you think taking time for emotional connection makes in your relationship? Suppose you were to choose 30 minutes one day to talk about these questions, how do you think it might benefit you and your loved one?

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