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I talk a lot with people about creating changes in their lives that they would prefer. Often times it seems that includes conversations about calming racing thoughts, putting aside ruminating, or becoming more mindful. It seems more people are thinking about focusing on living in the moment and really enjoying what their lives have to offer. Continue reading

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woman meditatingI’m reading a really interesting book called, Learning to Breathe by Alison Wright. Alison is an international photojournalist who was working in Laos when she was in a terrible bus accident. Continue reading

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Mindfulness meditation

Some reasons we don’t:

People sometimes say they don’t meditate or use mindfulness because they tried it once and it didn’t work. Others believe that only yogis or people like the Dalai Lama can meditate or use mindfulness because they have loads of time to devote to it daily. Still others may think that meditation means emptying your head completely and that’s just too darn hard! Continue reading

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Simple but not easy…

I know when I first thought about mindfulness and meditation, I thought about Indian gurus spending their lives in caves in India practicing the art their entire lives. It seemed so unattainable!! But when I investigated further, I realized meditation, mindfulness, visualization, hypnosis-whatever you want to call it-is actually pretty simple. It can practiced in lots of different ways. Below is an example of focusing your attention on your breath. Continue reading

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