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depression help


Giving yourself and other people gratitude seems like a pretty simple thing to do. Yet how many of us actually do it? Continue reading

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mind coming apartMental Illness


I’ve noticed a couple of trends as a psychologist. People are much more Continue reading

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Woman crying in despair

A Depression Story

You’re lying in bed at home. It’s time to get up. It’s been time to get up for hours. You just can’t quite get yourself to do it. Your body feels heavy and you have no energy. You’re so tired despite sleeping the last 12 hours.

You finally pull yourself out of bed. You look in your empty cupboards. You just haven’t felt like going to the grocery store. Looking at the rotting food in your fridge turns your stomach. You didn’t really feel like eating anyways. You head to the couch and lie down. Continue reading

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sad man

Years ago I read a fascinating book by Viktor Frankl, a Jewish psychiatrist and World War II survivor of the Holocaust entitled, Man’s Search for Meaning. It was an incredibly moving autobiography of his experiences as a prisoner of war and his well-considered thoughts on the meaning of life. Continue reading

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Depressed womanHelping professionals look at a number of factors when assessing depression. We may ask you questions about your sleep, your appetite, your energy, your ability to think, your mood, and thoughts of dying. Continue reading

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